Bamboo Toothbrush Replaceable Head Starter Kit




The Bamboo Toothbrush with Replaceable Head Starter Kit is the world’s first. Say goodbye to throwing plastic toothbrushes away for good!

Available in Green, Pink, Light Blue or Black

When you need to replace your toothbrush all you need to do is simply take out the old head and add in a new one. Keep hold of the handle and keep on using it with new heads. Saving money and using less bamboo.

After removing the bristles, the old toothbrush head can be buried to biodegrade or placed in a compost bin. The bristles can biodegrade which will take 30 years or can be recycled before that.

The bamboo handle is 100% biodegradable and sustainable. It has BPA and toxic free nylon bristles which biodegrade in 30 years or can be recycled before that.

The toothbrush is vegan, anti-bacterial and has a super smooth finish. Each handle is handcrafted so each toothbrush is slightly unique.

A tree is planted for every toothbrush bought!

This starter kit includes x1 brush head and x1 handle – replacement heads can be bought for just £2.49 in the Sustainable Living store

Sustainable Living loves this product for our sustainable reason number One: It’s Plastic Free

Additional information

Weight 0.2 kg

Green, Black, Sky Blue, Pink


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