Natural Room Spritzer




Need a quick and handy way to refresh and revitalise your room?

If so, then you are in the right place. Sourced from sustainable and all natural ingredients these spritzers leave your room with a fresh uplifting scent.

Made in Greater Manchester by the Artisan’s hand you have an option of Lavender & Cedarwood (Calm and Relaxing field of freshness) or Citrus Blossom (Zesty Orange and Lemon with a Ylang Ylang blossom)

Comes as 1 bottle (approx. 125ml each) with spray-head.

Remember to keep and reuse the bottle when you’ve finished the spritzer!

This spritzer will leave your rooms smelling sweet but please avoid wiping it on with a cloth that will then be washed, this product is best being sprayed straight into the air

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Lavender and Cedarwood, Citrus Blossom.


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