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Vegan wax wraps are the perfect zero waste alternative to cling film and aluminium foil that can be used and reused many times. They are water repellent, breathable and self-sticking which can be used in the kitchen and home.

Vegan wax wraps are best known as food wraps but they have a variety of other uses too: Covering bowls and tins in the fridge, Sealing corked drinks, Taking dog treats on walks – to stop your pocket getting full of crumbs, Storing soap in overnight bags, Protecting cut flower stalks, Protecting surfaces from water – Just to name a few!

Each pack is individually handmade in the UK

These vegan wax wraps are made with a blend of plant waxes, organic seed oils and pine resin on a 100% cotton cloth. All of the ingredients are food contact safe, GMO free and we only use the highest grade of resin to ensure a high quality finish.

When you want to use your wraps you’ll need to give them a quick wake up by rubbing them between your hands. This warms the wax and gets them ready to stick.

When the wrap feels soft and pliable just wrap it around the item you want to cover and press the surfaces together. Hold for about five seconds and the wax will have bonded.

Washing Instructions: They can be cleaned by brushing any crumbs or bits off them and then running them under a cold tap with some bar soap. They should then be either patted with a cloth or left to dry naturally. Don’t wash with hot water because the wax will melt off.

Storage Instructions: So long as the wraps don’t get too hot they can be stored anywhere, a kitchen drawer is ideal. It is best to keep them in the cotton bag they came in as it’s perfect for keeping them dust and particle free.



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